Black Friday 2016 in Kenya


Black Friday 2016 is the next biggest thing in Kenya considering that the year is coming to an end. Most of us are probably not aware of what Black Friday is, and I am glad to bring you up to date with details concerning the day and the time we should expect it to happen in 2016. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and this is a day that has been celebrated in the United States of America for many decades. On this day, major shops and stores around the country offer products at super discounted prices that get everyone crazy. Many people are lined outside the stores in preparation for the opening of the stores so that they can benefit from the offers. I can tell you for free that it is easy to be a victim of a stampede on that day if you are not careful.

Before the big day, ads are widely used to communicate the products that are likely to be discounted and the percentage discount that is going to be there. With the information given to the public, people prepare in readiness for shopping for the items that they would want to have. It is a craze that no one can ignore. Black Friday has not only been happening in the United States but is slowly creeping into other nations. Kenya has not been left out; Black Friday has been a big event in the past few years, and it is expected to be bigger in 2016. The good thing in Kenya is that the fights don’t get physical; it is a web battle because e-commerce sites have taken over the big day. People with fast internet connectivity are better placed as they get to enjoy the discounts that are provided.

What you need to know about Black Friday 2016


The first thing you ought to know is when Black Friday will be going down. The date for this year is 25th November; that is when you may be lucky enough to get whatever it is that you have desired to have for some time but remain constrained financially.  On that day, you are free to enjoy all the discounts that different sites may be offering.

We know that there are various events during the year that call for discounts as well as reduced prices. You must have noticed that such offers are actually very limited and the products that are on offer are very few. Unlike such occurrences, Black Friday is bigger because the offers that you get are so many, and the prices are significantly reduced something that entices most shoppers to participate. At least you are guaranteed that you will not be shopping for items that are out of stock.

Most stores prepare for Black Friday as early as when the year is beginning. This means that the event is not only anticipated by shoppers but by store owners. They work day in day out negotiating the deals that will make a kill on that day. The reason as to why they are willing to spend their last drop of energy for the sake of Black Friday is because it also happens to be a day when they appreciate their customers.

As a matter of fact, every department in e-commerce companies or even stores works towards making this day a reality. Items such as electronics are normally expensive and out of reach for most people. On Black Friday, you get electronics and other items being sold at crazily discounted prices such as 50% discount. This among other things is what makes Black Friday a highly anticipated event all over the world.

That is not all, as we approach the day, you can watch out the ads that are being put out there. They are so enticing until most people can’t wait for the big day. It is somehow funny, but if you are not careful enough, you may end up spending more money than you have anticipated using on that day. If you are keen enough you might as well have started noticing all the ads on your Facebook page, Instagram and most of the social media sites that you are on. This should tell you that Black Friday is a day that is anticipated by people all over Kenya and everyone is on the mark waiting for the big day top do all the shopping that they can possibly do.


How to prepare for Black Friday

The first thing that you ought to realize is that you are not the only person who is awaiting Black Friday 2016. There are millions of Kenyans who are as eager as you are for that day. There are various things that you need to put into consideration if you don’t want to miss out any of the deals that will be on that day.

From the beginning of November, there will be advertisements that will be everywhere that you turn to. The best thing is to keep up with the ads so that you know what will be on offer and what will not be on offer. You can also check out what various e-commerce sites in Kenya will be having on offer. The importance of doing so is that you will be in a position to plan better as you know what you want and what you may not want. When the big day comes, you are going to be better placed than someone who does not have a clue on what is on offer and what is not on offer.


The second most important thing on Black Friday is to have a budget. Black Friday is a one-day event that may end up frustrating you financially or making you happy in the days to come. Without budgeting and allocating the amount of money that you may want to spend on the deals that are on offer, you may end up spending much more money which may destabilize you financially. I admit that you may be tempted to do lots of shopping on that day, but you should also be careful that this day does not ruin the remaining part of the year. If you are not careful enough, you may end up being broke for the better part of the months which is not good.

If you have seen Black Friday in other countries such as the States, you know that it gets physical and the situation is not good at all. You don’t expect such a struggle on an online platform, but that does not mean that there is no battle on the online platform. The only thing that will make you win the fight on Black Friday is only if you have fast internet connectivity. That makes it so easy for you to make clicks on items that you may want to buy and if you are lucky, you can shop for so many items within a very short time. Since on such a day the demand is higher than the supply, not everyone is lucky to get what they could have wanted. It is not an easy game on this day, so the winners are only the people who are smart in organizing themselves on that day. Considering that the day is a Friday, most people are mostly relaxed and thus have enough time to go through the list of items being sold.




The only question that I may pose to you is whether you are ready for this day. Ready or not, it is coming. Some of the best and most amazing deals that you have never thought of will be right in front of you. Get involved in Black Friday and start your festive season with offers that are crazy and which will make life easy for you even as you celebrate Christmas. On this day, you can buy gifts for friends and family. You probably know of that item which your friend has wanted to have for some time; this is the ideal time to surprise them with that gift.

There is no point in waiting for Christmas when prices will be too expensive. You better start saving for Black Friday 2016 which gets better by the year. I am confident that with the love that most Kenyans have for shopping, most store owners will have to work till late in order to deliver to the needs of the customers. Get ready, black Friday 2016, is here, I am just hoping that your wallet is large as your expectations.

Cubot phone and Antivirus – Story has been told by the manufacturer officially

The choice for an antivirus today has become a big issue to deal with. It is said that Malware developers have upped their game a little bit and got access to official Google Android industry. This has put mobile phones using codes at a high risk since there are many available free applications on the Google store.  Kenya’s Cubot mobile phones have been a major victim on this where many free apps disguise to help yet they are on a very malicious mission.

There is this app that is designed to get away with peoples information, and over 50 Cubot mobile phones are said to have been infected with this type of infection. This app is called Droid Dream a very dangerous application available on Google app market.

Cubot phones

Numerous warnings from Tech journos have been ignored for a long time now. This clearly shows that Cubot smartphones and other Android smartphones are at a higher risk due to the security reasons surrounding the users. You have to understand that smartphones are just small computers only that are used to make calls and send small messages.

I am certain that Cubot mobile phone users are now aware how to protect their cell phones so that their information is not endangered at any single day. Few survey done by the Kaspersky did a small research from different countries like Italy, France, and Denmark where they found that over 40 of smartphone users are not concerned by the risk they submit themselves for failing to protect their smartphones.

Mobile phones in Kenya cannot luck a sensitive pin such a PIN number, passwords and other user names available to protect their devices. Cubot mobile is now introducing a new phone that will have a finger print sensor to protect such uncouth behavior. Over 60% of Kenyans uses mobile phones for online banking Mpesa and other banking services connected with their major banks.

  • Password protection

In every Cubot phone in every country, a password setting is available. On my Cubot cell phone, I use a four digit code or the drawer menu that helps me access the location and the security menu in few seconds. The same phone has an important option of setting a pattern as well as the sim card personal identification number (PIN).

password protection

One strongest thing to protect your mobile phone is the PIN setting. Then pattern lock can also be a magnificent thing to have in your gadget. Since some of Cubot mobile phones in Kenya are made of Gorilla Glass, you will not need to clear the screen all the time to avoid hackers who copies the phone patters. Coping it will be a very hard way to go.

  • Screen Timeout setting

Screen timeout

Another vital level of security is by lowering the timeout of your phone. Security experts advice users that 1 minute and below is an ideal duration to protect your smartphone. Such a move will get rid of some thieves who picks up your phone and tries to maneuver their way trying error password to access your mobile phone. Mostly, Cubot cell phone this setting and works great to everyone having one.

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Wifi and bluetooth

Connectivity and settings are the vital parts regarding phone security. Any active network puts you at risks from tech gurus who wait for such devices to steal people’s personal passwords. Always disable Wi-Fi of your Cubot smartphone whenever you are getting out the house.

Keep it off completely until when you need to use it. Bluetooth can only be activated when you want to use it for file transfers. Every time you see your phone Bluetooth on, just remember you are in a very hot soup.

  • System should be protected

Is your phone protected

There is this thing going to Kenya where people are looting their phones. When you look your Cubot, mobile phone means that you have removed the manufactures protective protocols, and now you can install all apps no matter the licensees. Looting your phone is disastrous and leaves the security program crushed to perform further duties. It is sometimes useful but always calculate the risks rather than the profits. This move only earns the hacker mileage.

  • Antivirus scanner and Android safety

Anti-virus of Android

By now you have learned few things about mobile phone security. You are now vigilant with wireless connectivity. Below here are some of the hints to help you discover dangerous places during the applications downloads.

Get a mobile phone antivirus scanner- Cubot mobile phones often comes with a preinstalled mobile scanner. However, there also other free application available online that can do the same job. An app like Lookout can be of great help when choosing an app to download at the Google store. This app will help you not to pic anything vile in the market.

Before Droid Dream, the Google app market was filled with critical applications that were destructive to your personal data. But now, you can comfortably scan for the safe apps that you can install on your mobile phone. There are phone permissions that protect you from downloading malicious apps into your Cubot mobile phone. This permission gives you the time to go through the app, and if you can trust it, then you can go on and download the app. Other apps make requests to your phone; you will need to know which access this app is commanding on you Cubot cell phone.

There also other third party applications which come with a name close to the original name. These are the kind of apps that you should refrain from completely. Whenever you see such an app, just pass it and select the original one. Only download the original app within official name fro, the manufacturer.

Another thing you can do is conduct a small research online about that particular app you want to download. Research from different t blogs and also get into the manufacturer’s website and read about it there. This will not take you long to make sure you have downloaded the right app for your Cubot mobile phone. Kenya is a country with many people just waiting to make you poor, so take care of yourself when running your smartphone.


All the above points should be taken into consideration before protecting your phone. This will ensure that your Cubot phone is secured safely from any hackers out there. Awareness does not stop here, go out and preach these points to your friends and loved ones. Let them understand the right procedure into guarding their smartphones and mostly the Kenyan Cubot phone users in Kenya. If you are that guy that fills your mobile phone with funny betting apps, kindly get to know their origin so as to survive safely in your smartphone life.

Mobile phones are one good friend top us. We cannot live without them and wouldn’t wish to see them doing more harm than good to us. We need to create a good relationship with them which involves taking care of them as they give us the good services like the calls and the internet. That being said, I hope that the Cubot phone family has learned something that they will live to tell for the rest of their lives.

Best Smartphones for Xmas

Today’s technology is all about the smartphone, however some are smarter than others. Many of the phones have slide out keyboards, fancy graphics  and more. It used to be that you were judged based on the car you drive, now it’s about the phone you have.

The battle between the Droid and the iPhone has resulted in some great phones. Each of them are working with the best technology to try and land on top, meanwhile we have to decide which one to get. Within months of getting the phone, however, it usually means that a better one has just hit the market.


If you’re just using a phone to make calls, you’re behind the times. A smartphone allows you to play games, surf the web, take photos, browse social media websites and more. You can communicate with people all the way across the country and be able to see them while you talk. You can also take photos and post them right onto Facebook, without ever setting your phone down.

Shopping for the phone can be challenging. A smartphone can be expensive, especially if you’re not buying a new phone plan. If you plan it right, you can save several hundred dollars by getting your new phone when it’s time to sign a new contract. Otherwise you could be paying $400 and up, out of pocket.

The Android system is considered to be the best operating system on the market right now. Both LG and Samsung have some great phones to be able to have a lot of fun with this system. It’s a little more technologically savvy and the OS has regular updates to it.

The network you choose will limit your phone selections. Once you choose your network, be it Sprint, Verizon, AT&T or so on, they will then show you what phones you can have that are set up on their network. Or, if you have your heart set on a specific phone, you can find which networks offer it. It’s important to remember that not all markets have good reception everywhere, so it can limit what your phone ends up being.


The perfect example is the Droid Bionic versus the LG Revolution. Both are 4G, which gives quicker internet access. They both have large screens and high megapixel cameras, however there are a few differences. They are not available on every market, so unless you are going with Verizon, then you may not be able to get them.

Asking around and looking at the different phones will help to decide which one you want. Graphics are only important if you want to take photos or play games. Angry Birds is one of the top games available as a download, but you’ve got to have a fairly good amount of RAM to run it. Apps can be a great thing to keep your phone performing the newest things on the market, but if it takes a lot of RAM, you’ll be slowing your phone down, much like a computer.

Cubot Smartphones can do virtually anything. The apps you can download make it into a price scanner, a word processor, a game console, a telescope and more. As you play on it, yo  u’ll almost forget you can use it for phone calls, too.

Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 Smartphone and Operating System Comparison

blackberry app world

Here is a comparison of three Smartphones by three different manufactures with three different operating systems, to see which Smartphone comes out on top and for what reasons. For a fair comparison, the comparison is broken down into four categories which include the handset design, operating system, multimedia features and technology.

The Smartphone’s in question include the HTC 7 Mozart (a Windows Phone 7 Smartphone), the BlackBerry Torch 9800 (which runs on the BlackBerry operating system) and the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S (which is powered by Android).

Windows Phone 7

Handset Design

The HTC 7 Mozart has a touch screen form casing with a 3.7 inch widescreen WVGA touch screen. Its casing weighs 130 grams and measures 11.9cm by 6.02cm by 1.19cm and it has a brushed aluminium casing with a stunning swirl effect etched into the back of the casing.

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 has a slide opening form casing with a HVGA touch screen measuring 3.7 inches in size. Its casing weighs 161.1 grams and it measures 11.1cm by 6.2cm by 1.46cm plus it comes in a dark grey coloured casing with stylish chrome effect edging. This is the only Smartphone with a slide out full QWERTY keyboard.

The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Smartphone has a touch screen form designed casing complete with a 4 inch super AMOLED display. The casing weighs 118 grams and measures 12.24cm by 6.42cm by 0.99cm and it comes with a sleek black coloured exterior.

In conclusion to the handset design the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is a clear winner due to it having the largest and clearest touch screen. It is the lightest Smartphone to hold although it has the widest casing design due to its larger screen, plus this is the most stylish and attractive handset of the three.

Operating Systemblackberry 9720

The 7 Mozart supports a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system with an easy to use user interface which supports many apps including a HTC Hub app and social network integration. The tile layout interface is extremely user friendly and the touch screen is highly responsive.

The Torch comes with a BlackBerry 6 operating system complete with a BlackBerry use interface which is easy to use and operate especially for BlackBerry users. It has a user friendly interface and a classic BlackBerry style and performance.

The Galaxy S however comes with an Android operating system and with a fun user interface, complete with a colourful and customisable home screen and highly useable user interface.

In conclusion to operating system it would be a tie between the Galaxy S and the 7 Mozart, as both Android and Windows Phone 7 are so much fun to use and offer the user a great range of apps and most importantly provide high quality usability.


The HTC 7 Mozart has a built in music player and supports a Zune music hub plus it comes with high quality SRS surround sound support and Dolby mobile. It has a8 megapixel camera with video record support. There is a built in video player and it supports amazing gaming thanks to its Xbox LIVE integration.

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 has an integrated media player which supports music and video playback plus there is a colourful album art display provided and a track listing function. It has a 5 megapixel camera lens with flash, zoom and image stabiliser. Games can be downloaded and the Torch provides a fun gaming experience.

The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S comes with a music player which has easy to use touch screen controls plus album art display and music storage facility. There is a 5 megapixel camera which comes with an automatic focus, smile detection, LED flash and video recording capabilities. Video playback and downloadable games provide more entertainment on this Smartphone.

In conclusion the HTC 7 Mozart is the hands down winner regarding multimedia features as it comes with an amazing digital camera feature, highest quality sound features and highly useable and an outstanding gaming experience via Xbox LIVE.

Technologywindows phone 7 large

The 7 Mozart supports 3G HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and assisted GPS navigation with Bing™ maps. It has 8 gigabytes of internal memory plus 512 megabytes of ROM and 576 megabytes of RAM. Talk time can vary depending on features being used but approximately 5.5 hours of talk time can be gained over a 3G network.

The Torch 9800 supports many technologies including 3G HSDPA and HSUPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and assisted GPS with BlackBerry maps. It has 512 megabyte of internal memory plus comes with a 4 gigabyte memory card and will support up to 32 gigabytes via its memory card slot. An estimated 5.8 hours of 3G talk time can be expected from a fully charged battery.

The I9000 Galaxy S Smartphone supports 3G HSDPA and HSUPA, Wi-Fi technology, Bluetooth technology and assisted GPS with Google Maps. It is available in two memory options which include a 8 or 16 Gigabyte internal memory option plus it can hold up to 32 gigabytes of external memory via its memory card slot. It battery provides an estimated 6. 3 hours of talk time over a 3G network but this can vary depending on features being used.

The technology category is the hardest to judge as all three Smartphone have similar or identical technologies and capabilities, but in conclusion to technology features the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S would have to be the winner as the assisted GPS navigation was preferred with Google Maps support, and its memory option was large providing ideal storage for the Smartphone.

In conclusionblackberry app world

All in all the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is the overall winner in this comparison closely followed by the HTC 7 Mozart. Each Smartphone chosen for this comparison has its own unique features and the BlackBerry Torch 9800 comes with a slide out QWERTY keyboard which many users require on their Smartphone, so should not be ruled out. All three Smartphone’s are impressive to use and the choice is actually the end users preference.


I hope this helps you choose the right Smartphone or operating system for you.

Edited: please refer to the following articles:

Cubot phone and Antivirus – Story has been told by the manufacturer officially

Compelling Occasions To Settle Upon Prepaid Cell Phones

Why are prepaid plans and what is right for you? You’ll need to pose question yourself in regards to how many phone transactions do you normally talk or will be talking on a cell phone weekly? Estimate well and scrutinize this number since if it is higher than your estimate, you’ll be out of budget, or more accurately, your money appropriated and budget severely impacted. For limited usage a Net 10 phone or Tracfone prepaid phone work well for your budget.

Another question to ask yourself is, will this be an auxiliary Tracfone prepaid phone plan and used for emergency purposes online? How long will your normal prepaid cell phones wireless call-time. Are your talk times long-winded or short? If talk-times are long-winded, prepaid is not for you. The overall cost might blow-up your finances big time if you reckon on excessive talk time.


Another precondition is if you will be on the move and out of state often? Or will you be calling out of the United States in countries like Europe or Mexico? TracPhone is the only wireless carrier that allows one to call 60 different countries internationally for the same exact cost as other calls. Will you be calling 411 assistance service? That helpful location may cost from 70 cents to $1.50 each time you approach their service. It you plan to use text electronic messaging a lot?

How about the percent of calls afterwards 9PM and weekends? How about long periods of time where you are busy with other things and might not be using the phone. Most importantly, can you live with a 2 year contract like those of cruel Verizon? Trac Phone and Net 10 were you can buy minutes as you need them may be your most sensible approach.

Tracfone prepaid phone minutes carry over providing you recharge your cell phone every three months or whatever your plan designates. Airtime units are understandable and the system for billing is basic to people to understand. You always know how much time to the minute you have left so there are emergencysurprises and you have enough time to recharge your phone minutes.

Trac Phone cell phones are easily available online and it is also available at over 60,000 retailers nationwide. Tracfone has well over 12 milliion subscribers. Recently, TracPhone also offers a $30 Straight Talk plan that includes 1,000 minutes and 1,000 text messages that might be a good fit.

It is true that we all keep small diaries and notepads for scribing and saving anything that is important for us like an amazing quote you have just read from a book, an inspirational movie dialogue, phone number and address of an old friend whom you have accidently met in a mall while shopping, your shopping or grocery list, reminders to call a friend or pick someone from the airport, your things to do list, your daily schedule and lot more.Family Cellular Phone-4

Well now mostly the notepads and diaries are replaced by the smartphones these days because we all keep our smartphones with us all the time and it is really convenient to use its note taking applications instead of moving around with a diary and a pen. Every smartphone that is coming out these days do have a simple note taking application. But if you think that the note taking application that you have on your smartphone has limited features then this article will indeed help you. Following are the best Note Taking applications for Android smartphones.

Note Everything Pro

Note Everything Pro is indeed a feature rich notepad application for Android users. With the standard text notes you can also record the voice notes. In addition, you can also paint notes by scribbling on the screen which is indeed a nice feature because with this you can also draw a rough map to a place you want to visit. You can also organize your notes in folders and can also create shortcuts to your notes from the home screen. The standard simple version of the application with limited features is available for free and Pro version with all the amazing features that include checklists, reminders and sticky notes is available for $4.50.

AK Notepad

AK Notepad is the simplest and most basic notepad application with simple and appealing yellow interface. The application only provides text notes facility. If you are looking for more features like voice and paint notes and checklists than you have to look for another Note taking application. However, AK Notepad provides reminder alarms and you can also pin your notes to the home screen. Moreover, with this application you can share your notes on Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. You can also SMS your notes. The application is available for free and is indeed good for recording random thoughts.


Evernote is the most amazing and powerful feature rich note taking application. Evernote is actually the part of the Evernote Web Service and offers a lot more than a simple notepad. Using this application you can attach photos, files, videos and voice recording with your text notes. If you are looking for multimedia attachments with your notes than this application is the best choice which is available for free. Only issue is that every time you have to connect to your online Evernote account to access your notes because the app does not store your notes on the local phone memory.

GDocs or Google Docs for Android smartphones is also the simple and basic note taking application that only provides you to take text notes. The application does not offer much but is good for writing simple text notes. With this application as the name suggests you can sync your documents from your online Google Docs account. You can easily import/export, create and can send the documents. The application is available for free.

Catch Notes

Catch Notes is also an amazing note taking feature rich application that is developed by the developers of AK Notepad. With this application you can create your text notes and can embed bar codes, voice notes and pictures from your smartphone gallery or Camera album. You can also apply password protection to your notes and can also share your notes. Users with the online accounts of can also sync to cloud.

The entire above mentioned note taking applications have good features. It majorly depends on the user’s need that what features he/she want to have and would like to use. So, chose the one that best fulfills your needs and enjoy your notes.

Verizon XV6900 Review

Verizon XV6900

First introduced to the marketplace when it was demonstrated in March at the CTIA convention, the new Verizon XV is nearing its imminent U.S. release. Otherwise known as Verizon’s latest version of the popular Sprint HTC Touch, the Verizon XV6900 is a Windows Mobile smartphone (running Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional) with access to the super-fast EV-DO Revolution A data network.

verizon xv6900

This is a Wireless Sync-capable smartphone with Windows M obile Device Center and Active Sync 4.5.  Bluetooth 2.0 is also included, allowing users to set profiles for hands-free, headset, and stereo profiles. The Verizon XV6900 offers broadband internet access that can even be tethered to your laptop or desktop to provide it an internet connection with BroadbandAccess Connect.

In league with the iPhone’s precedent-setting utilitarian design, the white-cased Verizon XV6900 sports a slimmed-down look and feel, with a single, 5-way multifunction navigator button (straddled by a Talk/Send button and an End/Power button) situated beneath a generously large display screen. It also features a slideout QWERTY keyboard and built-in speakerphone. The phone includes voice command capabilities and boasts a powerful battery with over 3 ½ hours of talk time and over 4 hours of battery life on standby.

The 2.8″ LCD touchscreen display with LED backlight and Touch Cube view has 320 x 240 pixel resolution, and features the innovative TouchFLO technology for the smoothest navigability around. One of the nicest advances with the XV6900 is the ability to operate the touchscreen with your fingertips, no longer requiring the included stylus be used to make it all work.

verizon xv6900

As for multimedia features: the XV6900 has a built-in 2 megapixel camera featuring zoom and video capture capabilities. Users can enjoy listening to their favorite music through Windows Media Player 10, and with 256 MB of built-in storage and a microSD card slot for 8 GB of expandability, there’s no end to how many songs, videos, etc. users can enjoy on the device.

As for productivity tools: the XV6900 comes with the Microsoft Office suite of application built in, including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.  It also includes Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook Mobile, Microsoft Exchange server with Direct Push, VZEmail, and an Adobe PDF reader. Instant messaging is available via Yahoo, AIM, and MSN. The phone also lets users extract, view, and create attachments and Zip files. The XV6900 also includes a built-in GPS.

On the downside: the Verizon XV6900 lacks Wi-Fi capabilities. PowerPoint files and PDF files are read-only. The touchscreen is less responsive than it should be. The web browser isn’t the best. The phone lacks Verizon’s newest flagship mobile technology, V-Cast Mobile TV.

One of the new smartphones running Windows Mobile 6.5 to be released in concord with the WinMo update’s release is the Acer F1. And while HTC tries to take all the limelight away from everyone on this one, we thought we’d give this lesser covered but maybe equally worthwhile iPhone killer a look-see.

The first thing we noticed was that on the exact same date, Microsoft’s “other” rival Google will be celebrating the October 6 release of the Acer A1, the sibling to that runs on Google’s Android mobile OS. Besides the obvious OS difference, the Acer A1 and F1 are incredibly similar but not exactly alike.

For starters, while the Acer A1 and F1 will each run their respective OS’s on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform, the A1 will run a 768 MHz processor and the F1 800 MHz.

The A1’s body is 4.5″ x 2.5″ x 0.5″ and weighs 4.8 oz.; the F1’s body is a Flash-based 2.0 shell. But despite their small differences, the Acer A1 and Acer F1 both clearly look like they want to be part of the iPhone Killer Club, with a think, sleek body all (F1) or mostly (A1) consumed by a large WVGA touch screen with 800 x 480 pixel resolution and ATI graphics. The current version of Android doesn’t even support this screen resolution, but the upcoming update, Android 1.6, will. The A1’s touchscreen is 3.3″, the F1’s is 3.8″.

Verizon XV6900

They will both be quad-band GSM and tri-band HSPA devices going 7.2 Mbps. They’ll have stereo Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi b/g, and a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. The devices will come with built-in 5 megapixel cameras with autofocus (and in the F1 for sure, built-in flash too). Also, at least the F1 (not sure about the A1) will have an FM tuner. Both devices sport Acer Suite 2.0 UI GPS receivers.

The devices’ 1,350 mAh batteries will be good for about 300 minutes of talk-time and about 400 hours of standby time. As for memory, the F1 will have 300 MB of storage and the A1 will have 512 MB.

If you’re trying to choose between the Acer A1 and Acer F1, all other features and qualities are similar enough that the only real decision to make is whether you want a Google phone or a Windows Mobile phone.

The A1 will be Acer’s only Android smartphone for 2009, but in addition to the F1, Acer plans to release 2 other WinMo 6.5 smartphones before year’s end.

The A1 was originally rumored to be coming out in September, but whatever the reason, it seems more appropriate to be launching on the same date as Windows Mobile 65. – maybe try to steal some of its muster.

Things That Make One Mobile Phone Maker Better Than Others

Today, you will find every mobile phone in Kenya that has been released by any company in the world. It is because mobile phones have become the most favorite gadget of the whole world and Kenya is not exception in that. With the rise and surge of mobile phones in the world it was seen that people started siding with their favorite brands. Those who love Samsung will vow to never buy an iPhone from Apple. IPhone users never want to look at any Android products since they claim to be happier than ever with their Apple iPhones.

When you compare the mobile phones from these amazing companies you come to realization that they are all doing a pretty good job. It is quite subjective which phone you pick because every person has different preferences and requirements from a phone. However, there are always a few things that one mobile phone maker is doing better than the others. The best smartphone makers of the world are competing neck to neck and this competition is leading towards quick and great improvements in the smartphone technology. Here is some detailed information on what makes one brand better than the others:

Apple’s IPhone


There is no doubt that Apple is the inventor of smartphones. There are many controversies that smartphones already existed in the world as ideas but we have to admit the fact that it was Apple that popularized the idea in the world and made the world familiarized with the idea of a smartphone. IPhones are considered among the best mobile phones around the world. The thing that makes iPhone different and better than other phones is that Apple designs its own software and the hardware. The optimization on iPhones is at its best and these phones practically prove that.

P.S. While searching for mobile phones in Kenya you can watch some online videos doing the benchmark tests. IPhones beats the best Android phones in single core performances. IPhone’s camera performs neck and neck with the best smartphones from Android and Windows phones despite having lower megapixel count. IPhone would often beat the 8-core processors on Android phones with just 2 cores. The reason for that is that iPhone is fully optimized by the company. It designs the software and owns the hardware so it knows what it is doing and how it needs to do it.

Another thing that iPhone excels at is the build of the phone. Made from aluminum iPhone gives most people the premium feel in their hands and is one of the sturdiest phones out there. A huge chunk of the iPhone consumer base loves its phones because it is part of an ecosystem. They own other Apple products such as Mac, Macbook, iPad etc. Based on the feedback from most iPhone users, it is also evident that they like the plain and simple experience on their phone and are kind of timid to use Android phones because of how complex they are compared to iPhones.

Samsung’s Galaxy Series

Samsung Galaxy

You can easily find Android mobile phones in Kenya because they are the phones that are currently making up the biggest portion of all smartphones in the market. Android phones are also known as the affordable and cheap mobile phones at times because Android phones do come in many different flavors and some are cheap enough for almost anyone to buy. There are many things that make Galaxy series phones from Samsung better than any phones in the market. Design has to be the first thing that Galaxy phones have the best of.

The Galaxy S6 and S7 Edge along with Note 4 Edge are the most unique looking phones on the market. When shopping for mobile phones you will also realize that Samsung is the company with highest number of mobile phones in the market. They have made so many different mobile phones that there is one for everyone. Samsung takes the cake when it comes to display technology. No company has been able to come even close to Samsung’s AMOLED technology that makes its displays the crispiest displays out there. The blacks on AMOLED screens are known as the blackest blacks.

Samsung also beats the competition with its Note series that comes with a stylus. The stylus series from Samsung is the most suitable for businesspersons around the world. No other company has been able to use the stylus as efficiently as Samsung. Camera department also belongs to Samsung where Samsung phones are known for producing the liveliest and crispiest pictures out of the bunch. In the recent iterations, Samsung has clearly left iPhone behind in its camera technology and performance. When you compare mobile phones with their cameras you see a huge different with Samsung taking the lead without any problem.

LG’s G Series


LG has been a great addition to the smartphone making companies in the recent years. With the G series and especially with G2, LG gained some support from people who realized that G2 was a great phone. It can be safely said that LG G2 will still one of the best mobile phones in Kenya today within its price range and the year it belongs to. The thing that makes LG better than its competitors is that this is probably the only company that comes up with features that its consumers are most asking for.

LG kept the removable battery alive when all other smartphone makers had already moved away from this feature. Even with LG G5, which is the first full metal body phone from LG, there is a removable battery. In fact, on this phone LG has come up with a modular design that gives you the opportunity to not only swap the batteries but add other modules to increase the functionality of the phone or enhance it. LG is the only company keeping the IR blaster alive so you can use your phone as a remote control for most of the home appliances you have.

They have been working on their camera like no other company and there is no doubt that LG’s manual mode on the camera beats any phone’s camera on the market. LG’s mobile phone reviews also admire the company for keeping its prices low as compared to the prices of Samsung and Apple phones. In short, you get to use one of the best mobile phones on the market that also happens to be a flagship phone at a price that is much lower than the best offerings from Samsung and Apple. The new wide angle camera on LG G2 is definitely the best out there.

Google’s Nexus Series

Google Nexus

Google is not a mobile maker since it will make its partners angry. Google develops Android and Android is used on all the phones made by Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Huawei etc. If Google starts to make phones it will become a competitor of these companies. However, Google has a unique way of making phones in its name. It asks its partners like Huawei, LG, Samsung, Motorola etc. to make phones for it. These phones that have a new entry every year are called the Nexus phones from Google.

Nexus phones are among the fastest mobile phones in Kenya because these phones carry Android in its purest and uncontaminated form. The sheer experience of Google’s Android is what makes these phones the best. While Sony is also known for making very little changes to Google’s Android on its phones, there are still a few changes. Another thing that Google has worked on is the camera on its phone. Google’s latest Nexus phone was the Nexus 6P. This phone is still known for its amazing camera performance after one year and in certain conditions it can still beat the cameras on 2016 smartphones.

Second most important and differentiating thing about Nexus phones is that they receive the updates before any other phone can get the updates in the world. Therefore, you get the latest mobile phone with the latest operating system that phones from other brands might not have. Lastly, Google has been praised greatly for keeping the prices of its Nexus phones low. Nexus phones are known as mid-range phones because Google has promised to provide an affordable solution with the pure Android experience to its users. The Nexus 5X, which came with Nexus 6P, is also an amazing device made by LG.

Final Thoughts

The phones mentioned above are the best mobile phones in Kenya today and these companies will continue to surprise their users with great innovations. While there are points that make one company’s phone better than other company’s phones, there are also concerns that are common in these phones. For example, you would not want to ignore the fact that some of these phones are not impressive when it comes to battery times. Make sure you pick a phone with an impressive battery if you are someone who does not like the idea of charging the phone over and over.

Samsung Instinct Review

The latest attempt at an iPhone killer is the Samsung Instinct. It’s a CDMA smartphone with EVDO Rev. A network speeds, meaning that it’s even faster than the oh-so-popular 3G network, which it also supports. It comes with almost all of the typical features you’ve grown to expect from a smartphone, not least of which is web browsing and email capabilities. Some of the savvier and more useful calling features include audible Caller ID and voice dialing and other commands.

What makes the Samsung Instinct so appealing, like the aforementioned Apple benchmark-setter and its coattail jumpers like the HTC Touch, is its look and feel. The long and narrow Instinct casing has got a large, 240 x 432 pixel, 3.1″ touch screen display screen dominating most of the device’s face with but 3 buttons beneath it:


  • A menu button
  • A “back” button
  • A phone button

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The Instinct has “haptics” (aka tactile feedback) which is a favorite feature of ours that lets you know that the device has registered every key you press. This is an especially beneficial feature when you consider that nearly all the keys you’d be pressing, including and especially the virtual QWERTY keyboard, are on the touch screen. The Instinct’s menu is enjoyably icon-based with large, easy to read and easy to navigate buttons for controlling all of the device’s features and applications.

A smartphone as consumer-friendly as it is for businesses, the Instinct lets you view streaming television programs with Sprint TV and listen to commercial-free streaming radio with Sprint Radio – a capability that will undoubtedly appeal to a broad swath of the techno-populace. It gives users access to wireless downloads from the Sprint Music Store and boasts a digital player with album art displayed. Even better, the Sprint Instinct is capable of doubling as a wireless modem for getting on the internet using a desktop or laptop PC.

Samsung Instinct-2

The Samsung Instinct’s web browser is rather advanced, as smartphone web browser’s go, with the  abilities to view pages in both Landscape and Portrait views and to reformat and scale down web pages for easier viewing on the smaller smartphone screen. It also has a novel scrolling feature that makes reading web pages conveniently easier than ever before.

The GPS on the device not only shows you your current location, but it is able to give you directions from that position to any point on the planet. The built-in digital camera is only 2.0 megapixels (not bad, but not great), though it includes a camcorder for video recording. Rounding out the Instinct’s features are a MicroSD card slot with support for SDHC and stereo Bluetooth 2.0.

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Samsung Instinct-3

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